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Aaron James/Owner

How goes it? My name is Aaron James. I am a laser engraver, graphic designer, and a sushi connoisseur.


Being raised in East Idaho, I have nurtured a strong love for the east side of the gem state. I have made it a life mission to help locals and businesses in East Idaho by providing professional branded marketing items that won't be thrown away or retail products that customers will buy instantly.


I have also lived both in Japan and China and was intrigued by the amount of cultural connections East Idaho has with Asian culture, especially with Japan. 


I have a vision of producing Japanese-influenced products to commemorate the beautiful cultural connection between East Idaho and Japan alongside ENSO.


Enso's Story

ENSO Creative was thought up by two friends, Me (Aaron James) and Adam Ford. Both of us have lived in Japan and ended up running into each other in East Idaho. We learned that East Idaho has a unique relationship with Japanese culture and it is celebrated in the form of sister cities between Idaho Falls and Toukai-mura of Japan. Both of us also came from a creative background, and want to find ways to channel the unique Japanese design aesthetic and attention to detail into their own designs and creations.

After a lot of planning and testing, I decided to buy a laser and create goods at the local farmer's market. The products exploded with popularity! From there on, Me, Adam and Mei have been working on Enso's network, designs, and products.

Enso's Goal

We aim to provide solutions for creating branded merchandise and souvenirs for local and online customers and businesses. Currently, we specialize in wood Laser Engraving, CNC Routing, and Graphic Design.

We also have the ability to provide items such as stickers, tumblers, illustrations, and much more.

From Japanese aesthetic-inspired design to Americana, ENSO wants to provide everyone with high-quality items to give that extra touch of warmth, hospitality, and professionalism to your merchandise.


ADAM & MEI FORD/Graphic Designers

Adam is a professional graphic designer and illustrator. He was born and raised most of his life in Japan. Graduating with a BFA in Illustration and emphasis in graphic design, he currently serves local residences and businesses in East Idaho as a full time graphic designer.  Adam has a strong background in Japanese culture and design aesthetics and loves finding creative ways to merge eastern and western designs. On his off time he travels with his wife to sell his illustrations and events mainly in Idaho and Utah.

Mei is a talented illustrator with a large and growing following on the web especially on Twitter. She shares high quality artwork filled with attention to detail. As a illustrator, she currently provides many of the product designs used at ENSO. Mei was also born and raised in Japan and met Adam in Hawaii. They both currently reside in East Idaho working with Aaron to build ENSO into a greater business.

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